Pine Top Car Club is a non-profit organization.  Membership is open to any person in
Lincoln County, New Mexico and surrounding areas who is interested in the purpose
of this club and who will abide by its ideals.


Active Members must be persons 18 years of age or older who pay regular yearly dues.

Honorary Members are members who may be accepted by majority vote for periods
of one year when it is in the best interest of the club.


Annual dues will be determined by the club membership at the last meeting of each
year.  Dues are payable in January of each year.  Current dues are $25/yr. for an individual or family membership. New members joining during the year shall be prorated.

Pine Top Car Club meets the second Wednesday of each month for a business
meeting and the 4th Wednesday for a cruise to a restaurant. Garage nights are
scheduled as needed and weekend cruises are planned each month when
weather permits.


Membership Form